Web design :

Among the websites we have built HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, MYSQL and various types of websites are also included. These include Static, Dynamic, CMS, CRM - so there are all types of web sites. Our mission is to satisfy the requirements of our customers. We have done more than 60 web designing and received customer's appreciations. Our designs and scripts are of good quality on a global scale which helps to open up the website faster even with a slow Internet speed. Since we are using HTML / CSS PHP script it significantly reduces the HTML codes on the webpages which reduces the weight of web page. And since our scripts are clearer it helps the browser to read and open quickly.

In addition, we use open source software such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, and build ideal websites. This software has been prepared by the hundreds of the most veteran script writer and are of high quality and more features are available for a very low price.

Personal website, personal blogs, company profile, school websites, college website - and any kind of websites are built by us at a lower price and we can host the same. Here you can see some of the websites that we have designed.

Web Maintenance :

If your website needs to be updated now and then we take the responsibility of it. The difficulties that interrupt sometimes are repaired time to time and keep the website running smoothly. For this you can make annual contracts with us. We take the responsibility of web maintenance without burdening you.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting is a major industry in the Internet category. For every website, Hosting is necessary, because making available the web pages designed in HTML / CSS / PHP script to everyone in the world is called hosting. That means the designed Web pages are added to the hard disk so-called hosting and also very fast Internet connection is included with this and also even more powerful RAM will work. By confluence of all these hosting technology works and makes the webpages open throughout the world. We have been very influential in maintaining this service and acquired hosting performance upto 95% - 99%.

We have used the latest software and the latest decks for hosting server. And there is also powerful antivirus software which will help you to protect your website from viruses and hackers.

Android apps :

The company has recently made some applications for android smart phones. We have trained technicians with us for the same. You can contact us if you have any intention of making Android app and Android app can be prepared for your website with a very low price. If requested by you we make it available at free of cost in the Google Play Store.

One of the app named Kannada Kavana which was we developped already installed from more than 50,000 users.

» View few our Android Apps.